Chloe Flowers - Vocals

B-Rad Tenney - Groovy Guitar and Vocals

Christian de Azevedo - Bodacious Bass

Douglas Pulvirenti -  Lightning Lead Guitar and Vocals

Michael Bailey - Dazzling Drums

Ambrosia Tatyana Tuft Ambrosia got started as lead singer in professional rock bands by 15 years old (Shout out to Phil Murray!).While at the same time becoming a classically trained musician during high school at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, studying Vocal Performance & Musical Theatre.  

Brad TenneyB-Rad started singing professionally at 10 years old, with lead roles on the “The Safety Kids”. He has starred in commercials (Transformers, GI Joe), films, and has performed on the radio. He performed in the Dixie College Choir and studied guitar with Scott Graves at On Track Music Guitar School.  He currently teaches guitar at B-Rad's Guitar Lessons.  B-Rad's on a mission to Rock Your Party.

Chloe Flowers - Chloe studied performing arts throughout High School.  She has performed proffesionally with The Sensations, Motown Era and More Show, ABBA Tribute, and others.  She is a star on the stage.

Christian de Azevedo - Christian started playing Saxophone at ten, and moved to bass guitar at fourteen. He has played in garage bands, jazz bands, basements, bars, and studios around the country. A few of his musical role models are, in no particular order: Kendrick Lamar, Prince, Michael Nyman, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, and James Jamerson.

Douglas  Pulvirenti - Grew up in Detroit and was influenced by the local music happening at that time. He discovered the electric guitar as a young kid, and there was no looking back. Studied music theory with Mikhal Caldwell, Louis Abraham, as well as Scott Graves at the On Track Music Guitar School.

Michael Bailey Wicked cool drummer extraordinaire with plenty of skin pounding rhythmic energy. Versed in many styles. Also plays in the local reggae band Bludgeoned Muffin. He also teaches at On Track Music - GROOVE DR'S.